Customer - The Person, Persons, Company or Organisation requesting or contracting work or services from PC CARE essex

Work - time spent by PC CARE Essex investigating, researching, resolving or repairing issues for the Customer

Chargeable time inlcudes
Work undertaken at the Customer premises
Work undertaken at PC CARE Essex premises
Work undertaken by PC CARE Essex through a remote access/support tool
Work undertaken by PC CARE Essex giving advice by phone or email or other communication

All work is undertaken at prevailing PC CARE Essex hourly rates

Payment for work completed is due on receipt of the invoice for that work

Every care will be taken to preserve customer data. Where possbile backups will be made by PC CARE Essex, but:
No responsibility is accepted, or liability accepted or implied, for any loss of data or information whilst PC CARE Essex repair computer equipment
Customers are ultimately responsible for backing up data prior to PC CARE Essex commencing work

If PC CARE Essex determines that software needs to be re-installed it is the Customers repsonsibility to locate and provide installation media and licence codes


PC CARE Essex is a divsion of Canters Services Ltd
Registered in England Wales, Regstration number 9590678 
Registered address:2 Poney Chase, Wickham Bishops, Essex, CM8 3NX